Asian Women Who Want American Husbands

Getting into a relationship nowadays is easier because of social networking and dating sites. The question is whether or not the relationship still exists as an online kind of relationship or a real on. Of course the latter is the one that a lot of people would want. 

Despite the technology making the world a smaller place and enabling people from opposite sides of the world to engage and establish a relationship without having to leave their country. Through this online dating and social networking sites, one can see that there are a lot of Asians that desire to have American husbands.  

Why Asian Women Want American Husbands?

Some people waste their time trying to identify which of these Asian women want American husbands, when it is already clear that women from almost every, if not all, Asian country are involved. 

For example when registering on a dating site these women are required to fill in data on dating preferences. A huge percentage of the total online female population types in that they “prefer” to engage with an American. 

But of course this does not always turn out the way they wanted it initially because there are those that marry men from other countries besides from the United States of America.

The reasons for these personal preferences are:

America is a First World Country

More often than not, the movies that they watched were made in America and are casted by popular Hollywood actors.

Almost 90 percent of the time these women sees a foreigner in their country, they happen to be Americans

They only know that American dollar has a huge currency exchange when converted into their own currency (of course for those who don’t know it’s the Kuwaiti dinar) 

You hear a lot more buzz in the news about America  

They might have heard of accounts of Asian women before them or their friends that have married 

Americans and are now living a happy and full life in the U.S.

Americans are somewhat more into online dating than the rest of their western counterparts.

Generally, it is an acceptable fact worldwide that Americans look better than the rest of their western counterparts

There’s not much of a communication problem because English is the common ground. And a comprehensible one at that. Other Asians find the spoken English of men from other countries, besides 

America that do speak English, very hard to understand. 

These are but a few of the common reasons why the general Asian female population desire to have American men as husbands

Living The American Dream

For the general Asian females it seems that going to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave and actually being able to live the American Dream is incomparable to other countries of destination. There is just a different feel to it. 

There is more spice to saying that one is able to marry a man who is a citizen of the U.S. compared to other men from another First World country. Perhaps it would stay that way for a long time, no one knows.